Date: 27 June (Wed)
Time: 10.15am – 4pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Basement 2

Rise of the Machines. Can You Manage it?

As the world moves forward, technology will be future integrated into our lives. However, technology should always remain as a tool to augment the lives of humans. In a future where robots with artificial intelligence that learns faster than humans with the help of neural networks, machine learning and big data, how can humans learn to manage these technologies to ensure there is a place for everyone.

A leader in the women in tech movement, Marzanne discusses how blockchain is bringing about democratization and how can be collaborative to ensure everyone benefits from this technological advancement.

Discussing the current market for wagering in esports and betting on sporting events, and exploring the opportunities for better solutions made possible by utilizing blockchain.

BIG BANG 2018 DAY 2 – 27 JUNE 2018 (WEDNESDAY)
10.15am The Evolution of Blockchain Security – A History from 1990’s- Present
Sean Salloux, Baanx

Overview, timeline real world examples and case studies taken from 20+ years in industry.

10.30am Blockchain is Bringing Democratization
Marzanne DeLoof
10.45am Oddsmaking the future: Decentralized applications for betting on sports/esports
Kelvin Coelho, MEVU
11.00am The Challenges in Developing the Smart Cities of the Future
Mouli Srini, Hurify
11.15am How Shoppers can take Control of their own data…and Monetize it.
John Wantz, SHOP

Big Brands have long been monetizing user data, with the rise in databreaches and most recently the Cambridge Analytica scandal, there has been a shift toward users wanting to retain rights to their data. In a world of smart contracts and data tokenization, users can own and sell the data that they wish to interact with brands for a more tailored shopping experience.

11.30am How combining IoT and Blockchain to gather Product Analytics Data is solving Global Supply Chain problems
Selvam VMS, DiscoveryIoT

Globally, Supply Chain is one functional area that has always run on very low levels of reliability and trust. With 8% of the Global GDP running at such inefficient levels, blockchain could potentially revolutionize all aspects of the function, affecting all companies and economies at large.

11.45am Enterprise Transformation with Blockchain
Salim Ali,

Blockchain has the potential to transform business operations across the enterprise. We will look at the innovation possibilities through a structured framework.

12.00pm Convergence of Blockchain and AI
Dr. Adam Weigold

With immutable records and traceability, the blockchain gives AI a clear audit trail of data, to further enhance AI speed of learning and to draw more meaningful conclusions from the data. Blockchain and AI are two extreme sides of the technology spectrum: one fostering centralized intelligence on close data platforms, the other promoting decentralized applications in an open-data environment. However, as these technologies continue to evolve, it is becoming clear that blockchain and AI must work in unison.

12.15pm Panel Session and Q&A: How Blockchain will affect various industries and go mainstream
Aly Madhavji, Blockchain Founders Fund

Blockchain has been dubbed one of the most disruptive technologies in decades; it will revolutionize businesses and redefine the world’s economy. Blockchain has the power to fundamentally disrupt multi-trillion-dollar industries – such as enterprise software, financial services, cybersecurity, media and health care. Some of the world’s most prominent investors in this technology share their thoughts on the mainstream adoption and applications of blockchain.

1pm Extracting Insights from Big Data Using Artificial Intelligence
Pradeep Menon, Alibaba Cloud
1.20pm Optimizing Industry 4.0 for Future Ready Industries
Suryanarayana Tumuluri, Siemens Digital Factory

New business models that integrate hardware and software across multiple platforms, provide true interconnectivity to bring data transparency to a whole new level and unprecedented efficiency is essential. The foundation of an “Industrie 4.0” approach to achieving intelligent planning, production, manufacturing, maintenance, and servicing is digitalized added value.

This presentation will address how digitalization has or will affect the process industry, and how it could help form the perfect synergy for real and digital plants.

1.40pm AI ethics and governance: A case from Japan
Prof Arisa Ema, Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence, University of Tokyo

AI technologies have rapidly penetrated human society and it varies according to the country, region and sociopolitical context considered. However, R&D guidelines have been discussed around the world and AI ethics and governance are becoming important topics. This talk shares some case and experiences from Japanese community to consider the impact of AI on our society.

2pm Enabling with Ecosystem: Uncorking the Technology Adoption Bottleneck
Meenakshi Vashist, Technology Uncorked

TekUncorked offers an IoT framework which is rapidly transforming infrastructure to a zero operational wastage area in India. The bootstrapped company developed its highly scalable offering with a lean core team of 6 by leveraging its online eco-system which connects young minds with experienced and also offers trainings, labs, project supplies, prototyping and manufacturing services to help them bring technology ideas to life.

2.20pm High Speed Wireless Laser Communications for Terrestrial 5G & Satellites
Rohit Jha, CEO & Co-Founder, Transcelestial

Transcelestial is developing a wireless communication network that is 10x faster than anything to come before. This is achieved by harnessing light to transfer & relay data at up to 100 Gbps within a network. Currently, an on-ground version of this laser communication technology is used to provide state-of-the-art, fiber-like ultra-high bandwidth wireless backhaul to telecoms and enterprises. In the next 3 years, Transcelestial will develop a constellation of nano satellites for ground, satellite and deep space applications.

2.40pm When Virtual World and Real World Collide
Craig Vezina, Realcast

When augmented and mixed reality meets precise and realistic gesture control, sci-fi movies make a step closer to reality. ManoMotion will turn the human hand into the single greatest tool we have today. The result of their 7 years of research is a platform which other developers to easily turn hand gestures into control command.

3pm The Past, Present, and Future of Artificial Intelligence: Separating Hype from Reality
Professor Howard Michel, UBTech Education

The term AI was first used by John McCarthy in 1956 at the 2nd Dartmouth conference. In the 62 years since, computer scientists and engineers have alternately said AI is on the verge of solving all of the world’s tough problems, or it will never be able solve any of them. The truth is we are a long way from general AI, that is systems that can operate in a robust manner in a wide range of situations. Specialised AI can solve narrow problems. But it is only AI until we know how to do it, and then it is just good programming. This talk will give you the knowledge to critically evaluate claims that AI can solve your problem.

3.20pm Transformation in the Middle East: From Oil to IO
Craig Smith, Dhahran Valley Technology Development Company

Saudi Arabia has been a nation highly dependent on oil. In the last couple of years, there is an active initiation to transit the country through technology. Saudi Arabia had named Sophia its first robotics citizen and had been taking initiative in activating the women in the country…

3.40pm Finland’s Secret: How to Create the Future with Innovation?
Niilo Tapani Saarinen, Sassu Oy Ltd

Since the mid-1980s, the Finnish government has been pouring more and more money into R&D with the active participation of industry and universities. How can we collaborate and create technological innovation, service innovation, design innovation, social innovation, and business innovation with the current technologies and trends.

4pm Afterparty

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