Date: 26 – 28 Jun
Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Basement 2

Experience for yourself the future of smart cities! Test drive the Hyundai IONIQ electric car and get glimpse of how OTSAW”s security robot will patrol the streets at the Playground @ Basement 2. Situated on the show floor, you will get to witness the future right at the heart of NXTAsia.

The Hyundai IONIQ Electric, the latest addition to the Hyundai IONIQ line-up, is a zero-emissions all-electric vehicle. It has the power to deliver a greater performance and yet has cost efficiency of an incredible SG$2.90 per 100km. With a single full charge, it can travel up to 280km. Available for test drive daily at CommunicAsia from 10.30am to 5.30pm, register your interest at Hyundai Singapore booth.

Also, check out the Hyundai’s Mobile Electric Recovery Service vehicle will travel to the customer’s location and provide vehicle to vehicle (V2V) charging, which will power up the customer’s electric vehicle sufficiently for him/her to travel to the nearest charging station.

O-R3 is OTSAW’s outdoor autonomous security robot, the new generation patrol guard redefining security at an unprecedented level. By integrating self-driving and artificial intelligence technologies with unprecedented data gathering and analysis capabilities, O-R3 provides an innovative and crucial support to the security team to prevent and deter crime. Catch it in action at Playground, Basement 2 of Marina Bay Sands every day at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Learn more about OTSAW here.

Winimy builds Omnichannel AI-engineered bespoke customer engagement technologies. They design the future of how customers discover and connect with businesses.Their solutions are adopted by aspiring industry leaders in Smart Hotel, Malls and Conferences, and Digital Directories. Experience their Award Winning Technology, powering The World’s 1st Voice AI Concierge and Wayfinding solution for Events and Conference spaces at Playground.

Habitap is Asia’s first fully integrated platform that seamlessly integrates three core functions – smart controls, smart community management, and a smart lifestyle gateway. Harnessing the technology behind Internet-of-Things (IoT), Habitap aims to create better living, greater convenience and efficiency for homeowners, offices and communities. The DNA of the product focuses on the seamless user experience and is a software driven platform. Check out their showcase at Playground, Basement 2.

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