Extracting insights gathered through IoT has allowed businesses to learn more about their customers and to remain current. At NXTAsia, learn how to store and manage your data through scalable and affordable cloud computing, and ensure that understanding your customers’ behaviour and preferences are not compromised.

A Chat with David Nagrosst..

“Rising demand for secure Data Centres in APAC”

Even governments have joined in the fray to keep up with demand, shares IT security expert David Nagrosst.”

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Dude – Where is My Content? How Do Enterprises Ensure a Secure, Cloud Accelerated Content Strategy

Date: 26 June 2018
1.40pm – 2.30pm
Location: Orchid 4303 – Level 4, Marina Bay Sands

Content has become the new oil. This holds true for content heavy industries like media, ecommerce etc. but also for normal enterprises as they host a lot of media content for wide variety of use cases like Training, Products/Sales collaterals and other purposes. Enterprises need to look at Content management in a different way in the new era of Ransomwares and cyberattacks. Critical to enterprise data security is real-time threat monitoring. The presentation explores the critical elements for this new age content management for enterprises.

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The Future of Big Data: Leveraging on Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Date: 27 June 2018
Time: 2.30pm – 3pm
Location: Orchid 4303 – Level 4, Marina Bay Sands

Big data is a powerful component/capability that, if exploded correctly, can revolutionize businesses, delivering results around the 360-degree spectrum. Financial Institutions are far more scientific when it comes to exploding the potential of data when executing strategies, and this needs to be supported by the right architecture, operations framework and mindset.

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Making Cents Out Of Bytes – The Analytics and Intelligence Recipe

Date: 28 June 2018
Time: 12.10pm – 12.40pm
Location: Orchid 4303 – Level 4, Marina Bay Sands

Data science is a new trans-disciplinary field that aims to translate data into insight and intelligence for decision making. So the question to all business executives is what is your biggest BI challenge? Learn from this session on how you can monetise your data by:

  1. Looking internally and beyond the business and decide which data to use
  2. Secure the right capabilities to handle analytics
  3. Generating Value from Analytics

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