VR / AR / MR are all the hype, as they allow businesses to engage their customers on a different dimension. At NXTAsia, find out how your business can build more intuitive and empowering experiences for your customer, and build better business processes.

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  • Lutz Beck

    Chief Information Officer

    Daimler Trucks Asia

  • Craig Vezina

    Co-Founder, Realcast | Executive Director


Using AR, MR and VR in the Connected Space – Leveraging on New Technologies in the Manufacturing Industry

Date: 28 June 2018
Time: 12.10pm – 12.40pm
Location: Orchid 4303 – Level 4, Marina Bay Sands

The immersive technology market is advancing immensely, providing us a whole new creative medium emphasising on a personalised and emphatic experience. The real deal of monetising from the application of immersive realities boils down to how to best enterprises deploy AR/VR to drive meaningful experiences and deliver new interactions and processes.

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Championing Immersive Education: Integrating Innovation into the Future of Learning

Date: 28 June 2018
Time: 1.40pm – 2.10pm
Location: Orchid 4303 – Level 4, Marina Bay Sand

We are at the dawn of a new normal in which artificial intelligence, spacial computing, AR/VR, blockchain, IoT and other powerful new capabilities will fundamentally transform our relationship with technology. With the ultimate goal of human progress, how might we harness the powerful potential of Immersive Education to ensure we are augmenting understanding, connectedness and learning opportunities towards an exciting new future of learning?

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